Milviz 737-200C for Prepar3D v2 & v3

I purchased the Milviz 737-200C about two years ago before I cut ties with FSX.  At the time I was primarily running FSX and slowly starting to get my feet wet into P3D.  This was circa P3D v2.4 timeframe.  When I made the move to P3D v3, I also took the time to completely rebuild my system and in doing so I forever cut ties to FSX.  The Milviz 737-200C was one aircraft that I was prepared to just say goodbye to forever.  Remember I also made the decision to only install flight sim add-ons that had P3D v3.x installers in an effort to keep my system running top-notch.  I think the only thing I made an exception to was EZDok.  Unfortunately, once you use Ezdok…there just is no going back.   But I’m getting off subject now….back to the Milviz.

If you are a registered owner of the Milviz 737-200C, you should have received an email this week regarding the immediate availability of the –200C for P3D v2.x and v3.x.  This means Milviz have complete installers for all all variants of flight sim including FSX Classic, FSX Steam and Prepar3D.  This is very cool.  Best of all, the updated –200C for P3D is available at no additional charge.  Thank you Milviz.

If you currently do not own the Milvix 737-200C, then check it out on the Milviz website.  This is a great alternative or addition to the PMDG 737.

I truly loved the –200C and now with this awesome news, I will love it once again in P3D v3.

Until next time…

Happy Flying!!!



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