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Now Open and HIRING!

Are you interested in joining a mature virtual trucking company (VTC) simulating a small international trucking company with operations in both the USA and Europe?  Utilizing American Truck Simulator (ATS) or Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) Grizzly Bear Trucking is hiring drivers.  You may drive offline or join us on either the ATS or ETS2 multiplayer server.

Grizzly Bear Trucking offers a mature virtual trucking company to enhance your simulation game play.  We offer a TeamSpeak 3 server and a member forum with more features to come.

Grizzly Bear Trucking is committed to providing and maintaining a roster of mature and responsible owner/operators and therefore validates all applicants against the Checker TruckersMP website.

If you are interested in joining our team of owner/operator drivers, please read and understand our rules and submit an application.

Grizzly Bear Trucking Rules


1.  Always Have Fun.

2.  Always be respectful and courteous to fellow drivers at all times.

3. Always obey all posted rules and regulations (see rule #4 for speeding exceptions).

4. Never  exceed more than 15 MPH over the posted speed limit.

5. Always maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.

6. Must use standard units (not metric) e.g: MPH, gallons, miles.

7.  Maintain an active status by driving and logging trip reports on a regular basis as defined below:

New applicants must drive and file their first trip report within 10 days of employment.

All drivers must drive and file at least one trip report each month to remain employed
with Grizzly Bear Trucking.

Drivers unable to meet the above mentioned requirements may be terminated from
Grizzly Bear Trucking without notice. Drivers needing a short term leave of absence
should contact the CEO via email, PM or speak with him on TeamSpeak.

7. Always Have fun!  (yes I realize this is listed twice)

*failure to comply with rules listed above will result in suspension
and/or termination of employment with Grizzly Bear Trucking.

If you feel you can follow our simple rules, please use the link below
to submit an application to our HR dept.

Our application process is simple.  Please FOLLOW THIS LINK to be redirected
to our application form.
After you submit your application, please also register for a forum account.
You’ll find complete details on how to join us on TeamSpeak after you have
been accepted for employment.

Thank you for your time.

Jerry Taylor
CEO Grizzly Bear Trucking


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