2017 WorldFlight

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I have circumnavigated the world in flight sim many times.  In 2010 I embarked on an “Around the World” journey in a single engine Mooney Bravo which consisted of 75 individual flight legs, spread out over approx. 45 days.  The total trip mileage was 35,816 nm and consisted of 201.5 flight hours.  You can view my trip log here.

Each year, teams of flight simulation enthusiasts from around the world come together in November and over the course of just one week will fly around the world.  These teams will book time in various full-size simulators and stream their round-the-clock, round-the-world adventures to earn money for various charities.

For 2017, the event departs Sydney, Australia YSSY and travels in an easterly direction.  (see map below).

As it would be impossible for a single pilot to fly the complete route, during the actual event timeline…I’m planning to start my journey in mid to late June.  I will stream some flights and make others available as videos on the GrizzlyBearSims YouTube channel.  The general purpose of doing this is just to help raise awareness for the official event in November and expose as many of my viewers to this awesome charity event.  Plus I think the journey will be fun and exciting.

The aircraft I’m using to fly this adventure is the PMDG Boeing 737NGX (most likely the B738 variant).  While I’m not 100% familiar with all the airports we’ll visit on this tour, I am familiar with Juneau, Alaska PAJN and that is a fairly short runway, but it can (and does) accommodate the Boeing 737 just fine.  Plus the B738 has the range needed to handle all the legs, including the UHPP to PANC (1,700 nm).

As for how long this journey will take me, I’m pretty sure it will take me much of the calendar year to complete it.  My initial goal would be to wrap up my tour around the same time as the event itself is taking place or even wrapping up.  I suppose it would be fun to fly the last leg or two on VATSIM at the same time the event is taking place.   But only time will tell if that will be possible.

If you would like to learn more about the 2017 WorldFlight event, please visit this website.  In the mean time,  stay tuned to both my blog and my YouTube channel for updated information.

Here’s another map view I created on Google Maps.

I will update this page and also include a full trip log.  Stay tuned…

LegDateDeparture AirportArrival AirportTotal NM MilesTotal Flight HoursFuelNotes
1June - Start TBA
Awaiting release of PMDG 737 for P3D v4